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About Matt Mihalicz

My background is in Information Technology and I have been in IT for twenty five years. My specialty is in the technology area as a Network Architect. My job is to design build and support local and wide area networks. Not a bad job but you are always to blame when something breaks. But on the other hand when things are working well no one knows you exist. So, in this business you can be very popular in a bad way and unpopular in a good way. In my earlier years in IT I was a programmer and worked my way to programmer analyst. I have always had a keen interest in electronics and how devices work. That interest led into the technology side of IT. It was a move to get closer to the inside workings of technology communications.

I was fortunate because when I started working for a computer consulting firm my first assignment was to work on a contract to help a company build their IT infrastructure. When I started working with them they had twelve sites across the province. Some larger sites had computers but most area offices were still slated for equipment. My job was to provide recommendations and implement local area networks for them. Today they have local area networks on all sites and a wide area network connecting all the sites together. I also built them a data center that hosts their mail, data, application and internet servers.

Things went fine for twenty years and were still going great until the customer’s Human Resources department decided that the IT support person should be an employee on their payroll. I could have taken the job but would have had to relocate. I just bought an acreage and had responsibilities in my current locale so could nor wanted to pull up roots and move. To commute would have been six hours a day of travel so that was not a feasible option.

That was a sad turn of events for me because this customer had sites throughout the province and most of my work was done remotely from anywhere I wanted. That situation gave me a lot of freedom and I could work from many locations including home. There were always site visits to make so I was able to travel and my work environment was always different. The job was never the grind of getting up going to work, sitting in the same spot every day and going home. Sometimes I would work sixteen hours straight and take some time off. I had an option of working overtime to get projects done sooner. Sometimes that would give me weeks off work that would be above my regular vacation time.

To make things worse, during those twenty years while I was busy working for the customer something was changing that I did not expect. I always thought to myself if something happens to this opportunity I have all this experience and could easily find more work. Unfortunately for me companies quit hiring on experience. Instead they now want certified people to work on their systems. I did take courses over the years that I needed to get my work done but did not get certifications. Now to round out my experience I need to go back to school, take the courses and write the exams to get certifications. The cost will in the thousands of dollars. The worst part of it all in my mind is that I would also have to start over with a new customer and be at the bottom of the pile. I will end up working from 8 to 5 in an 8 by 5 cubicle. So much for my freedom.

I had to make a decision so I opted to look for something different. Since I had to retrain anyway, I decided I may as well train at something else that will give me my freedom back. I knew that to keep my independence the answer was not going to be working for someone else. That is when I started looking online for a new career as an online entrepreneur. The first thing I found and decided to try was blogging and make sales as an affiliate marketer. I figured out a niche, registered a domain and found a provider to host my site. I started building my website and writing articles. I studied SEO and did the keyword research and website design. I then applied with various companies to be an affiliate. As time went by the more I learned about blogging the more I realized I would have to learn.

After three months I finally started ranking on the search engines but not first page. I started realizing that blogging alone was going to take a very long time. I also started to realize that for the amount of time I would be spending just blogging that the commissions I would finally start realizing would be minimal in comparison.

Upon that realization I decided to look for good opportunities to promote and get into the sales funnel concept. I decided that paid advertising would be a lot faster than relying on search engine ranking alone. I engaged a traffic coach to give me one on one lead generation training. That particular course was two hours a day for 12 days just on theory. The information I gained from that course was phenomenal. The possibilities for concepts like Pay Per View, Pay Per Click, Cost Per Action, solo ads, retargeting, classified ads and split testing to name a few are endless. And then there are the tools. You get to play with capture pages and more split testing, auto responders and follow up automation. Once one understands and starts putting these concepts into action by using known strategies it is not long before you start developing your own unique strategies. You will learn to zig when the other marketers are zagging. When the competition goes right you can go left. Learn to sell without selling and promote the hole instead of the drill.

Using my knowledge and experiences in traffic generation, I have developed manuals and guides that I share with my team members to help them fast track in Internet Marketing. I am constantly updating my documentation with new information and strategies. I have also compiled a list of resources that can be used to find out what the competition is doing and what is necessary to stay ahead of them. Technical writing is one mechanism from my past life in IT that I have been able to bring with me into Internet Marketing. I have the ability to write a damn fine User’s Manual.